Boston teacher donates Boston Marathon medal to sick 5 year old

Katie Gildea, a fifth grade teacher in New Jersey, donated her Boston Marathon medal to Reese Behnken, a five year old girl with MLD.

Katie's had her class do a lesson on Medals4Mettle and were given the choice of what to do with their teacher's Boston Marathon medal. The class unanimously decided to donate it to Reese who is the daughter of a fellow teacher, who has been suffering with MLD.

The boys and girls wrote letters to Reese on why she deserves a Boston Marathon medal.

On May 7, 2010 the class held a ceremony in the classroom for Reese. In the midst blue and yellow balloons - Boston Marathon colors- the children read their heartfelt letters to Reese , the medals4mettle poem, and listened to Annie's -The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow.

After the ceremony Katie took her class outside to play. It was the most gorgeous sunny day, with just a few wisps of clouds. As Katie looked up, she noticed a cloud that had a giant rainbow shooting through it. She found this astounding, since it had not been raining that day. Katie said "it was the most unique and beautiful "rainbow cloud" she had ever seen, and made the day even more magical."

rainbow cloud

You can learn more about Reese at MLD at