Volunteers keep our organization up and running.

What can you do?

Medals4Mettle is always looking for those who can help keep our organization moving forward. Whether it is donating a medal, nominating deserving recipients, or simply giving a few hours of your time at an event collecting medals or helping distribute them, we welcome your help in supporting this worthwhile cause.

If interested in learning more, please read the information below, consider being a chapter coordinator if there is not one in your area, or send us an e-mail to learn more. Please include your your name, address, and phone number and the manner in which you would like to help. Thank you.

Current Areas Where Volunteers Are Needed.

National Opportunities

Administrative Assistant at the Global Headquarters of Medals4Mettle in Indianapolis

We are looking for a person who can spend 2 to 3 hours one or two times a week, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday to do clerical work. Tasks would include fulfilling t-shirt orders, packagaing and mailing ribbons and medals, and answering emails as needed. Training would be provided.

Facebook App Developer and IT infrastructure support person

We are looking for a person or company who would be able to offer their time on a pro bono basis to help us develop a Facebook app and possible other types Android and Mac OS apps.

Data Entry Person

A volunteer is needed to help enter and maintain information in our databases. Volunteer should be detail-oriented and a good typist.

Grant Writer

A volunteer is needed who will help write grant requests for our organization.

Videographer/Short moviemaker

We are looking for high quality video clips of Medals4Mettle volunteers in action, distributing medals, collecting medals, doing what's needed to keep our charity running. These clips would be posted on social media sites as well as used in promotional materials. If you have the time and ability to film, edit, or compile this type of material please contact us.

Indianapolis 500 Festival and Mini Marathon Coordinator

A volunteer is needed who will help coordinate Medals4Mettle's relationship with the 500 Festival Committee, organize volunteers for the Expo and the Rest and Recovery area, and coordinate medals awards to children at Riley Hospital.

Send us an email to learn more about any of these opportunites.

Local Opportunities

Donate a Medal:

Send your medal to the chapter closest to your location.

Become a Chapter Coordinator:

First determine if there is already a Chapter Coordinator in your area by clicking here. If there is already one, then contact the Chapter Coordinator to learn how you can help. But, if there is not a chapter in your area, then learn more about the activities of a chapter coordinator and how to start one in your area.

Be a Chapter Volunteer:

Interested in supporting your local M4M chapter’s efforts but don't want the full responsibilities of a Chapter Coordinator, then contact you local chapter to learn how you can help.

Additional volunteers are especially needed in the Indianapolis area at this time!

Looking for the nearest chapter?

If you would like to donate your medal or get involved with a Medals4Mettle chapter in your area visit our Chapters page to contact the Chapter Coordinator.

To make a medal or monetary donation click here.

Indianapolis volunteer Connor experiences the fringe benefits of volunteering for a great organization – being surrounded by the beautiful Indianapolis 500 Race princesses!

Four-time Boston Marathon winner and American Olympian Bill Rodgers, pictured with Boston M4M Chapter Coordinator Julie McLucas, donates more than 20 medals to Medals4Mettle. Bill stated, "We runners are lucky to have this... Medals4Mettle is such a cool idea!".

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