Medal Stories

"These 16 medals run the gamut for me -- they're made up of some grueling performances and some of my best. The Gear Western Half Marathon medal is from the only race where I've earned an Age Group award. Some were earned in rain, some in snow, and more than a few in blistering summer heat. But each medal is a reminder of the hard work that goes in each day to continue to improve."

Will, Minneapolis, MN, 12/03/2017

"I never was supposed to have participated in the Pacific Half Marathon.  Since childhood, I'd had flat feet.  But having read about a brand new half-marathon that was to traverse the hills and dales of Agoura Hills, California on March 28, 2009, I longed to be part of it.  My plan was to walk the entire race.  Race day arrived, and I was so excited to be at Paramount Ranch, admiring the Wild West storefronts and shivering in the early morning air.  Then we were off!  For the first 10 minutes, there were three folks behind me.  But for the rest of the race, I was back of the pack.  It would take me nearly four hours to complete the race.  By the time I reached the six-mile mark, I couldn't even SEE any other racers.  At nine miles, there were trucks behind me, removing road barriers.  At 12 1/2 miles, I ran through the park where the finish line was located (the only time I ran) and earned a beautiful finisher's medal.  I now donate this medal with this message:  Never give up! "

Laura, California, 12/02/2017

"I will send about a dozen of a sampling of my collection over the more recent years as a tribute to persons who persevere, are heroic, keep themselves motivated, and inspire others through their own difficult times.   Persons who demonstrate the depths of the giving and living human spirit deserve a lot more than medals.   However, sometimes having something tangible to hold on to and to show gives a bit more of a boost to the braveness of their soul that understands the fragility of life and its meaning in giving to others.  To the recipients:  You inspire me!"

B.P., Blackwood, New Jersey, 11/29/2017

"I started running at age 39 to help me de-stress being a mother to three young children and working. Running became so much more to me - my therapy, my calendar, my problem solver, my organizer - it became more than just "going for a run". In the past 10 years I have run 4 marathons, 20 half marathons, 2 relay races and countless other 10k's and 5k's. I was not an athlete as a kid - skinny, awkward and never encouraged. Running has given me a confidence I didn't even know existed in me. I didn't just want to throw away my medals - they are special to me however just sit in a box. I found your website and I knew this is where I wanted them to go. To brave kids who are running their own marathon."

L.S., Bethesda, MD, 11/29/2017

"I began to run after an autoimmune disease left me barely able to walk. I decided I was going to not only walk, but run through the pain, and I also started to run to find quiet and solace in my own mind, and to build personal strength away from friends and family. I just kept going, and have 5 half marathon medals, and a Warrior Run medal."

U.M., Long Branch, New Jersey, 11/26/2017

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