Medal Stories

"The lunar eclipse metal was my very first medal for running. I saw the impact m4m was making and promised that my first medal would go to the long Island chapter. The woman that runs the chapter is the most beautiful soul. "

W.F., Babylon, New York, 11/18/2017

"I have been running for the past few years, prior to my then boyfriend's (and now husband) diagnosis of lung cancer. He has just passed away three years after his diagnosis. I would like to do all I can to encourage all who are undergoing treatment, having experienced first hand how trying cancer treatments can be."

L.L., Singapore, 11/18/2017

"I have been competing as an athlete in running, triathlon and cycling for roughly 6 years. My elite athlete standings and ability have won me countless medals for my race efforts. While I love putting in the training, competing and getting results, the medals just sit there, piling up and collecting dust. I have the memories, I do not need the physical medal. I am thrilled that these medals can be given purpose and provide some meaning or excitement in someone else's journey. "

L.N., Columbus, OH, 11/16/2017

"Sean Jenkins is a friend of mine that shared a news story of his battle with Parkinson's disease"

R.L., Ankeny, IA, 11/16/2017

"CHOP was my hospital growing up - they do amazing work. Hope someone out there can enjoy this medal as well!"

J.D., New York, NY, 11/15/2017

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