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Medal Stories

"In 2003 my daughter became severely ill 6 months before she was to graduate from high school. I quit my consulting job to help her. I realized I needed to do something that was healthy and show my family we had vigor to take on what was ahead. I trained for my first full marathon in 2004. We took her to innumerable physicians and she had innumerable tests. Six years later she was diagnosed with Long Term Chronic Lyme's Disease and Babesiosis, and I kept running.  She is now on a solid road to the best state of health she has had in awhile. My races and medals have always meant to keep trying, stay healthy and perservere for recovery. "

C.W.P., Mill Valley, CA, 12/11/2017

"I earned the "Rock CF" medal after running a half marathon to benefit those fighting cystic fibrosis. I wanted to give this medal to someone who is fighting a much tougher fight than I am. Hang in there!"

L.W., Wyandotte, MI, 12/10/2017

"I am sending my previous year's collection of marathon, half marathon and triathlon medals to the Portland Oregon Chapter Foot Traffic Store on Taylor. Each medal represents a milestone to me in terms of distance. I am a lousy swimmer but I get through it. But, it is not in anyway equivalent to the struggle behind the illnesses of those that receive these medals. To me, donating the medals makes them mean so much more when those who can not race can wear these medals as a testament to their real strength, fighting a battle that lasts a lifetime, not just a few hours. "

K.J.S., Bend, Oregon, 12/10/2017

"I have never been an avid runner but one day I decided to push myself to run something that I felt to be impossible. I trained for a half marathon and from that I enjoyed the training aspect of running. The dedication it takes and commitment. I hope my medals can help those in need and allow them the opportunity to know that I believe in them and am with them every step of the way."

S.C., Mebane, NC, 12/10/2017

"Medals are from the various races I've participated in since 2009, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn't start running until I was nearly 30. Before I started running, I considered myself a nerd without zero athleticism. I had no confidence in my body or my ability to do anything that required physical stamina or strength. But then my best friend started training for a sprint triathlon, and she urged me to start going to the gym with her to support her. While training was hard at first, as I gained more fitness, I started enjoying running. Soon after, I hit a rough patch in my life, and running became the way I let go of the frustration, pain, and anger that I was experiencing in my life. As my body grew stronger, running also helped me gain confidence and courage to challenge myself to do things I would've never before. I ran a full marathon, participated in sprint triathlons, and tried surfing. These medals are reminders of my perseverance and triumphs during a dark time in my life, and I hope they help provide some light and strength to others fighting their own tough fights."

S., Menlo Park, CA, 12/08/2017

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Recipient Stories

"My 4 year old daughter received a medal during a hospitalization in May.  The message of bravery and strength that accompanied this medal had such a positive impact on both of us.  For her, it validated the journey she has been on since birth...she has undergone 10 major surgeries, countless painful procedures, and numerous hospitalizations across 4 different states...she exemplifies resiliency, strength, courage and grace.  For me, it inspired me to try to bring the smile and joy my daughter felt to another child in a similar situation.  I decided that day to train for my first marathon which I completed in honor of my daughter and this program last week. "

J.G., Fargo, ND, 10/08/2017

"My 17 year old daughter Maggie was presented a medal at her bell-ringing ceremony after 2 years of treatment for colon cancer. It means more to her than we can possibly put into words. Thank You!"

M.H., Jackson, MS, 04/10/2016